3 Core Elements


The program visits Europe for four days where students witness the struggles of European Jewry while also interacting in person with those committed to its revival. They are invited to hear from the community and hear first had what it takes to make a difference as well as being on the ground connecting to those whose lives have be positively affected.


Following that, the ten day Israel program focuses on leadership, and includes inspirational seminars on today’s issues, a leadership training series, cross-country trips, visiting social activism projects, and discussion groups to practically plan post-program impact initiatives.


After the program, Aish staff works with the students to build projects that can engage and inspire their Jewish peers. students build proposals and funding is provided for the top community based initiatives as well as the top global initiative.


The goal of J-Impact is to build a movement of young Jews who are willing to stand up and take action for the future of the Jewish people. J-Impact is designed to cultivate leaders, develop within them the knowledge and tools for change and empower them by making them active partners in the war against apathy. Jewish students on campus offer a unique perspective into the mindset of “Millennial Judaism”. J-Impact is designed to motivate and empower Jewish students to combat apathy among Jewish students on campus. Jewish students on campus will be much more successful than rabbis or other Jewish professionals in engaging their peers and providing the initial motivation for them to get involved in Jewish life.