All of our campuses are active in hosting students for weekly Shabbat meals and Jewish holidays. Many students are overwhelmed during the week with studies and look forward to a social and relaxing environment where they can connect with mentors and peers over a delicious meal. Our campus couples spend time during the week inviting, preparing and cooking so that the greatest experience can be achieved both for Friday night meals as well as Shabbat lunch. The social groups that form over these meals create a community on campus, and are a central part of what makes Aish the home away from home for so many Jewish students. In addition to the on-campus Shabbat meals, students travel to various Jewish communities including Cleveland, Baltimore, New York and New Jersey to experience a full Shabbat in a Jewish community. This enables the participants to immerse themselves in an authentic Shabbat experience and appreciate the communal aspects of Jewish living that await them when they graduate.