Mrs. Esther Grant
Campus Educator - Aish Penn State
Originally from Los Angeles, Esther Grant grew up with a dream of becoming a reform rabbi. While studying religion at UC Santa Barbara she became involved with a Jewish organization on campus and started spending all of her time - in and out of class - learning more about Judaism. After graduation she worked as a Program Director and Religious School teacher at a reform synagogue in L.A. She then moved to Israel where she lived for 6 years, spending two and a half years studying and working at Neve Jerusalem: The Jerusalem College for Jewish Women's Studies and EYAHT. Esther then went on to work full-time for Aish Jerusalem's Outreach and Fundraising Divisions. David and Esther were introduced by mutual friends. After they got married they lived in Jerusalem for almost four years during which time she finished her MA in Education. Now that they've arrived at Penn State they are especially excited to work with the remarkably inspiring students on campus. They hope to bring their own brand of idealism, fun and eclectic knowledge to the campus scene and help the budding student leaders develop their awesome potential. Although Esther never officially became a rabbi – she sure has devoted her life to educating herself and her fellow Jews about Judaism!