Yes. We will have an armed security guard with us 24/7. He/She will constantly be in touch with local law enforcement and will keep us up to date on any potentially dangerous situations. We’ve worked with this company before, and are happy with their service.

No, you do not need a visa to travel on this trip. We will be there as a tourist group and as such, are not required to obtain visas. You do however, need a valid passport.

Due to the nature of mobile providers in Poland, Aish NY has not partnered with a Polish mobile carrier. If you’d like to use mobile devices for voice or data, please contact your US carrier and explore their options for international roaming. If you would absolutely like to get a mobile phone plan in Poland, our experience tell us that offers reasonable rates.

Aish NY does not provide health insurance for its Poland trip. Participants are encouraged to speak with their US insurance providers about extended Europe coverage or take out a travelers’ policy. Examples of such insurance providers (with whom Aish NY has no ties, business or otherwise) are MedEx and International Medical Group.

Students have limited free time while on the trip due to the packed schedule we’ve arrange. However, there will be some free time during which students generally go out as a group (or a few small groups) with a staff member.

The weather in Poland in December can vary from quite cold and wet to very cold. Bring some sweaters, layers and consider thermal underwear!

An insulated winter coat is highly recommended.  We also recommend you bring a warm hat, gloves and scarf, Sneakers / comfortable boots, Nicer shoes/clothes for Shabbat


Other optional items you might want to consider:

  • Alarm clock
  • Towels
  • Electric shaver: Poland current is 220 -380v A.C.. (You can buy a converter near where we are staying)
  • Student I.D. – may be helpful.

General Standard of Dress:

You will ordinarily be wearing casual clothes but will want to have some more dressy clothes for Shabbat. Girls are encouraged to bring modest clothing for Shabbat . (i.e.: knee -length skirts or dresses)

We’re happy to try and stop in hometowns of family members. That being said, we cannot accommodate everyone on the trip as we have an already busy schedule. If you have family history in Poland, we highly recommend that you do genealogical research so that you’ll have the best chance of visiting places dear to your family. A website that has proven to be a useful resource for past trip participants is that of Virtual Shtetl. Please send as much information as you know about your family’s Polish past to your local rabbi, who will then relay that information to us so we can try and include it in the itinerary.

This program will carry you to the heart of the Jewish people by touching the soil of possibly our greatest place of historical and spiritual turmoil. Poland. Experience simultaneously the vibrancy of Jewish life as it once was, and thus the magnitude of the loss, the intricacies of Jewish life and death in the Holocaust, and the seeds of rebirth in America, Israel, and once again Poland. Visit the camps and cities, meet with survivors and community builders, probe the depths of your humanity and tap the very source of your soul.

Jewish students age 18-26 are eligible to apply to the trip. Students in the Maimonides semester fellowship on campus will be considered first for spots on the trip, but others may apply as well and will be considered. Please contact your local Aish NY educator if you have questions regarding eligibility, or the Aish NY campus coordinator at 212-921-9090.

The trip normally costs the participants $600, although this can fluctuate at times due to factors outside of our control. Graduates of Maimonides will earn an additional $300 stipend which they may apply to the trip if they choose, bringing the cost down to $300. The actual value of the trip is approximately $3600. Generous sponsorship by Aish NY, Olami Worldwide and other donors enable all participants to automatically receive a very large scholarship toward the trip.

It is customary to give a small tip to the trip’s bus driver. Additionally, there will be some meals on the trip that are not provided and are the responsibility of the student to purchase themselves, such as dinner on a free night etc.

The goal of the trip is to educate young Jewish students with a distinctly Jewish approach to engage Judaism at its core, wrestle with the struggles of our people, and engrave the lessons and impact of this journey upon our lives. Likely to be the most wondrous, awesome, and enlightening week of your college career, and quite possibly your life.

Extensions are possible on a case by case basis. adter being accepted to the trip please contact the campus coordinator at 212 921 9090 if you would like to discuss extending.